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I have teamed up with a Barrister, a Filmaker and Reporter and we are bringing a case against the rspca relating to the neglect and cruelty they inflict upon animals on a daily basis. I am using information from the public throughout the years of their experiences. 

The information will NOT be shared on the Internet BUT it WILL be used in court so the information MUST be factual and genuine and will NOT be able to remain confidential as it will be available for public scrutiny. 

Please give as much detail as possible including dates, times, names and the final outcome. You can only use information which has either been used in a completed court case or is from an incident which was then taken no further.

Five dumped ponies up and down the Fen
We call the authorities again and again 
The neighbours in the road are alarmed
the horses loose would cause some harm
They all ambled across the road
Made a lorry shed it's load
The RSPCA said tell the police
They in turn said it's a welfare piece 
The factory workers were all amazed 
As the horses pooped by their cars unfazed
At last an officer of the law 
Came on request as the complaints soared
She said either put them back in the road
Or I'll just turn around
Then the horses can just go to ground
The second option seemed the best idea
Another five horses for us I fear

Ring ring I can't get through
Oh well then nothing new 
Finally I get a line
It's about bloody time
There are 14 horses left to roam
I know the owner, he has no home
The problem is the mare on a chain
She's not near water, she's thin and lame
I'm sure she's got a foal over there 
She looks a proper sad old mare
There is no grass for her to eat
And she has dreadful feet
She's on the bank with no shade
The other horses near her are layed
Then there's a stallion who jumps on her back
Please come and see what she lacks
One day later an officer rang me back 
They came and saw all the facts 
Horses grazing from a far 
The chained mare could not be seen from the car
All the horses looked alright
They couldn't see the mare and her plight
From that distance it was no surprise
All it takes is nearness and eyes
Anyway to cut a long story short
the owner saw me and gave a retort 
I've got you a present, I've got you a foal
It's mother has died, I've put her in a hole
She was the mare that was on a chain
The stallion mounted her, he was a pain
He jumped on her back and broke her neck
The colt's six weeks and in the back
I'm a young travelling man
And with that I took him on
the RSPCA did nothing - that's wrong
As now the mare is dead, a dreadful end
Their inactivity drives me round the bend 
I've now got a horse for the next thirty years
Thanks RSPCA, well done and cheers! 

Hello I've had a tragedy
My sister has just died
She's left behind tow horses
Who've never left each others side
I wonder if you could help me
And give them both a home 
Only I am not too horsey
And I'm left on my own 
Sorry to hear of your difficulties
How old are your pets? 
They really are quite ancient 
So I think you should call a vet
Get them peacefully put down
It's really the Kindest thing to do
Not only for them
But for your own good too 
This seemed very harsh 
For these two healthy old friends
But other charities also said
This would be their end
Having phoned the other places
They all say the same 
We do not want old horses
Even if they are not lame
They cost so much money 
To keep them really well
and to tell the truth 
It shouts to my alarm bells
Then I saw Tamara's Sanctuary 
I hoped she would understand 
She said she'd take the horses
And that they were both grand
so full of character 
They come round to her door
Neigh for gay and food
Then neigh for some more
They were there as rescies
But seemed quite at home
Tammy never left them
She was always at home
This could be the end 
Of the stay so far
As along came the RSPCA
In her RSPCA car
Said that all the horses
Had to leave their home of rest
On to any which way
As they didn't care what was best
So all the ponies were loaded
On to am old truck
In the middle of winter
They needed a lot of luck 
They were regularly fed and hayed
While the rain battered down
But this was not their home 
As they forlornly wandered around
Through thick mud and eind
They lasted for eight weeks
Then the others returned home
The two old ones were too weak
The bereaved sister came round 
and saw the old girls as her friends
A good job Tammy saved them
As the story now has a happy end
All top quick to end a life
That is not what the RSPCA is for
Be careful where your money goes
As they seem too quick to close the door

I’ve heard of so many charities all in need
Needing more funds for their incumbants to feed
Animals some homeless, some lonely , some abused
Tammy had room and money –  a good deal, I’m confused

She is certainly caring and chaotic perhaps
Prefering her animals to lasses and chaps
So why did this officer take such a dislike?
Of a woman whom you’ve seen the like

She’s scruffy, dishevelled, doesn’t brush her hair
About her appearance she doesn’t really care
But that the animals are happy and alive
That’s all she’s about that’s why she thrives

But because of this manic woman’s hate
She has become relentless and does not abate
Yelling and jumping at the gate of the farm
Either alone or with P C Green on her arm

The pair of them arrested her and took her to the station
What is happening to th is bloody nation?
Tammy was arrested and handcuffed to the car
Eight hours held – this is a joke too far

Tammy didn’t crumble, ball or cry
She said ‘no comment with a languid sigh
Exasperated and at the end of their tether
They let her put into the winter weather

She was given some shoes to wear on her feet
Her’s was a triumph and the their’s a defeat
But they didn’t give up and they came again
Even through ‘lock-down’ P C Green was a pain

Got a warrant to raid the vets
Give Ian a scare he thought, I bet
He got the paperwork, receipts and bills
To you  his other paper spills

Large and loud, tall and blond
What a pair but they share a bond
To get at Tammy, whatever it takes
To get her defeated they are so full of hate

That all this money and time has gone to waste
When they could be after a real cruelty case
But knowing the history of the RSPCA
They’ll get to court and as always win the day

That seems like a foregone conclusion
Seems like there is some sort of collusion
Anoht taking on the people with property and money
Not the travellers down my road – how funny

Now with the virus and serious palace
The case will be postponed and never over
All her animals spread far and wide
Those who haven’t already dies

The RSPCA has money a plenty
Whereas Tammy’s coffers after the Commissioner’s pay are now empty
But as long as that woman Kate wins the day
She’d happy, no care for the animals I’d say

But Tammy her life’s work torn apart
By a woman, a man both with no heart

Mum called down the phone
Can you go to Tammy’s so she is not alone
Two hours later at great speed
In Lincoln I’d arrived and there definitely was a need 

As police and RSPCA van took up the road
Boxing frightened horses that didn’t want to load
My daughter and boyfriend had arrived on the scene
Met by a police officer large and mean 

As he leaned menacingly over the gate
He yelled at us that the house was a state
That no one could enter their lives would be at risk
His manner was aggressive and certainly brisk

I told him I was Tammy’s sister that she was alone without a vet or solicitor
This man kept shouting we would all get mauled
 By all of the dogs  a chaotic horde
But I came regularly to chapelry farm
The dogs were fine and would do no harm

At last he reluctantly let us in
Sign your name, again and again
A reporter was there to take a photo 
Watched by an officer who nodded no,no, no

A dog had tried to raid a sack
Looking for his morning snack
But as the raid started at 9am
The animals had had to wait again and again 

When tammy asked could she give them their food
An answer came back that was really quite rude
No you cant , you have to wait inside
Tammy comforted the dogs and inwardly cried

I could not believe what I saw 
Dogs climbing cages with their paws 
Confused and never normally locked away
They could not comprehend the order of the day

I asked the dog handler on Tammy’s yard 
Who is that man acting all hard
Oh that would be P.C. Green 
Well his aggression is the worst I’ve seen 

He was goading the dogs all about his feet
All of them lovely natured and sweet
After I’d watched for over an hour 
The look on my face had turned really sour

Could this possibly be the RSPCA 
Behaving in such an uncaring way
Just cage after cage of frightened cats
Been together for years now separated just like that

Off to G_d only knows where 
The lady in charge certainly  didn’t care
Tammy tormented beyond belief 
So full of fury and deepest grief

I myself found it hard to believe 
A more misguided vendetta is hard to conceive
So many animals all wrenched from their home 
Leaving Tammy bereft and alone.