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The Sanctuary was established and I hope will ALWAYS remain for helping animals ‘no one else will take on’. These animals are NOT write offs.

It is very difficult to find the right people to adopt a lot of the animals and it is NEVER a good thing for animals to move from place to place.
If animals have difficulties and fit in fine here in what is as close to a home environment as possible I do not think it is acceptable to re home them because someone is ‘certain’ that they want them. I had always had a golden rule that I only ever homed a dog or cat once and if it didn’t work out they came back to me for life.  In recent years I have sadly had to make a couple of exceptions for various reasons but I will never accept that it should happen more than twice!
I do not re home pigs, bird, small animals, horses or terrapins as most people do not have the facilities to provide a suitable environment.